Sunday, August 9, 2015

Romantic aspirations of a four-year-old

The girls have been in bed for 20 minutes, but are still talking....

Me: "Stop talking. It is time to sleep!"

Child #4: "But Mom! I'm just trying to decide who I should marry!"

Me: "I'm pretty sure that can wait. Stop talking so you and your sisters can sleep!"

Child #4: "But Mom! It will only take a second!"

Me: "Go to sleep!"

I went back upstairs. I'm pretty sure she kept up the conversation (but in a whisper), until she made her decision. I'm too afraid to ask.

*    *     *

Overheard Child #4 and her father.....

Child #4: "Dad, do you know why I am so sad?"
(bear in mind, she does not sound remotely sad. Only matter-of-fact)

Him: "No, why?"

Child #4: "Because no boys love me."

Him: "I love you. Your brothers love you. Your grandpas....."

Child #4: "No! Dad, no boys MY AGE are in love with me."

Him: "Oh. Ok, then."

If anyone has any tips on how to keep her from growing up so fast, I'd love to hear them.

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Megan said...

oh, you're in for a ride.